How To Make Cold Foam For Coffee

Frothy foam on top of coffee is usually an option for hot coffee beverages. But what about cold coffee drinks?

Fortunately for all of the iced coffee lovers out there, cold foam can be a great option to top off your iced coffee.

If you’re looking to stay on a budget and make yourself a coffee at home, cold foam can be the perfect creamy, frothy topping to add to your coffee. And in this article, we’re going to look at how to make cold foam for coffee.

Let’s get started.

What do you need to make cold foam for coffee?

There are only a few simple ingredients needed to make decadent cold foam. You will need half & half or nonfat milk, and sugar or simple syrup.

Half & Half is a combination of half milk and half cream and is the key to getting fluffy cold foam.

You can use sugar, or simple syrup and other flavorings like vanilla, depending on your taste. 

How to make cold foam for coffee

How to make cold foam with a french press

This is the simplest and quickest way to make cold foam at home.

When you use a french press to make cold foam, you will only get the smallest bubbles in your cold foam.

If you have a french press at home, follow these short steps to make cold foam:

  1. Put the desired amount of half & half or nonfat milk and sweetener into the french press.
  2. Place the lid on, and move the plunger up and down for 30 seconds to 1 minute (the foam will double in volume when it’s ready).
  3. Pour the frothy cold foam on top of your coffee and enjoy!

How to make cold foam with a handheld milk frother

This is another preferred way to make cold foam, but you will get larger bubbles in your cold foam than you would when using a french press.

Follow these steps to make cold foam with a milk frother:

  1. Whisk the half & half or nonfat milk and sweetener using the handheld milk frother for 20 seconds.
  2. Pour the frothy cold foam on top of your coffee and enjoy!

How to make cold foam without a frother

If you don’t have a french press or a handheld frother, you can use a jar instead.

Place the ingredients into the jar, seal it tight and shake it vigorously until you see foam start to appear.

You’ll start to see foam at around the 1-minute mark.

Final thoughts on making cold foam for coffee

Cold foam is a creamy, fluffy, and delicious topping that can jazz up a cup of coffee.

Now that you know everything that there is to know about cold foam, you’re ready to test out your barista skills at home!

Grab your nonfat milk and sweetener and whip up a decadent, creamy cold foam to take your homemade coffee to the next level.


What is cold foam made of at Starbucks?

When you hear the term cold foam, you might think of Starbucks, as Starbucks is known for its unique and tasty cold foam beverages.

At Starbucks, cold foam is one of the most popular additions to iced coffees on the menu.

The cold foam at Starbucks is made of nonfat milk that’s put into a special blender with a blade that’s designed to make creamy and frothy cold foam.

Starbucks also has an array of flavored cold foam drinks like vanilla, Irish cream, pumpkin, and more.

All of these flavored drinks have additional pumps of flavoring to them. 

What is cold foam made of at Dunkin’?

If you’re looking to get a cold foam drink, but want something that’s a little less pricey, Dunkin’ Donuts is a great alternative.

Dunkin’ offers a decadent cold foam iced coffee drink that many love.

At Dunkin’, their cold foam is made with nonfat milk, sugar, cream, and natural flavors for a delicious, creamy froth topping.

Is cold foam healthy?

You may be surprised to find that cold foam can be a healthier alternative to traditional coffee toppings.

Unlike whipped cream, cold foam is made from nonfat milk. If the cold foam doesn’t have any additional pumps of flavoring like some drinks at Starbucks do, it will also be healthier.

Cold foam does usually contain sugar, which means it’s not necessarily healthy, but it is definitely healthier than traditional toppings like whipped cream.

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