Where Was Espresso Invented?

Ah, a delicious Espresso, nothing quite like it to wake you up and get your day going, but where was espresso invented and when? In this article, we’re going to find out.

Espresso has become synonymous with coffee and is often used interchangeably with coffee. But that’s not exactly a good representation as espresso is basically concentrated coffee.

It’s not a bean or roast, but it is a technique of preparing that uses extremely high-pressure hot water to extract a very concentrated beverage with a distinct flavor.

Now that we know what Espresso is, we can look at where was Espresso invented (and when) and how we got to where we are today.

Where was espresso invented

Where was Espresso Invented?

The first espresso machine was invented in 1903 in Venice, Italy, by Luigi Bezzera, a businessman who was experimenting with coffee to see if he could make his brew faster.

It was a prototype that looked very different from the espresso machines we see today.

It was a big machine that required a lot of energy and had to be heated from an external source because there wasn’t anything inside it to keep the water hot.

Where does the term a shot of espresso come from?

Achille Gaggia, in 1948, invented the first-level espresso machine. These devices were very different from the earlier versions of the Espresso machine from Bezzera and co.

They were able to contain much more pressure and brewed a drink that didn’t burn the coffee beans in the process.

The downside was that these devices were only able to hold an ounce of water, hence the standardized for of Espresso’s we see today.

With this came another term that we’re familiar with today, namely, the shot of Espresso, or “pulling a shot of espresso”.

This was due to the limited nature of the drink as well as the lever-action involved in those machines.

Is Espresso from Italy?

There are ongoing debates about where espresso was invented, however, the most common story (backed by Bezzera’s patent) is that it was invented in Italy.

The proof is in the name too; Espresso is Italian for “fast”.

There are some that believe it originated in France or the United States, but as Gaggia created the Closest form of Espresso we know today, it’s safe to say that the real Espresso originated in Italy.

Why is espresso so small?

The average Espresso you get in a coffee shop is usually 1 or 2 ounces, this is standard throughout the industry.

The reasons for this are manyfold but one of the main reasons why espresso is so small has to do with taste.

Due to the high-pressure nature of the espresso machines available, it only takes 20 -30 seconds to make an espresso.

This means that the final product is very concentrated and too strong if it were any bigger.

It’s also why you see espresso drinks like Americanos; they are simply adding more water to an Espresso shot to dilute the strength of the beverage.

Another reason for this is the size of cups that can be used with such machines.

Espressos are usually served in small amounts as it is, so the machines and cups must be very small to accommodate this.

Final Thoughts

Espresso is a caffeinated drink that was invented in Italy.

Espresso can be served as an after-dinner dessert, but it’s most popularly consumed during the morning hours for its caffeine content.

Now you know where espresso comes from and who invented it, when are you going to grab your next shot of espresso?


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